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Welcome to the NYC Suboxone Outpatient Treatment Program. We specialize in confidential, individualized treatment of addiction to Oxycontin, Opana, Norco, Vicodin, Percocet, heroin and methadone. We offer a private and affordable program with outstanding Suboxone licensed physicians who listen carefully and provide the highest quality care.

Get Help Now! Call Our Confidential 24-Hour Suboxone Hotline - 855-NYC-SUBOXONE (855-692-7826)

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Our goals are straightforward and attainable. We are here not only to transition you off drugs, but to broaden your support network in order to ease you back into normal life-- with you in charge of your destiny.

We want to bring you back into healthy and rewarding relationships with friends, loved ones and colleagues. And most importantly -- get your life back on track.

You may reach our office at (212) 586-7830 to schedule an appointment.

Drug addiction is a disease that has traditionally had a low success rate for cure. But that was before. Fortunately, we now have a medicine that can transition people from addicts to functioning members of society.